Yumurta sarısı saç maskesi tarifleri ve saça faydaları

Yumurta sarısı

Egg yolk is a wonderful food consisting of various vitamins and minerals. Hair masks made with egg yolk make hair softer, silky and easier to shape, and prevent breakage in the hair with its high protein content. It also adds volume to the hair and enables you to have shiny and healthy hair. Vitamin A in egg yolk stimulates the production of sebum, increasing the ability of the hair to produce its natural moisture. Increased sebum production Vitamin A controls dandruff, prevents hair loss, accelerates hair growth and prevents the scalp from drying. Thanks to its vitamin E content, the egg protects the hair against environmental factors such as. The vitamin D in the egg strengthens the hair texture and gives the hair shine. Egg yolk removes frizz in the hair with oily protein extracts and prevents hair breakage. Biotin, a very important mineral found in the egg yolk, provides the regeneration of hair follicles and hair follicles and helps to improve the general health of the hair. Protein and amino acids are the main components of our hair, and egg yolk provides the nutrients that hair needs thanks to its protein, fatty acids and other mineral content, and strengthens the hair. How is egg yolk applied to hair? If you want, you can whisk the egg yolk with a fork and apply it to your hair alone, or you can mix it with other beneficial nutrients such as honey and olive oil. If your hair is short, 2 egg yolks may be sufficient, if long, you will need more egg yolks. Apply egg yolk to your hair and let it sit for up to half an hour, then rinse with warm or cold water, shampoo and rinse, as it can be difficult to remove the egg with hot water.